What level of language knowledge is needed to be able to read in Germany?
There are advanced language courses as well as language courses at A1 level. The recommendation of the German consulate is to apply for visa at German level B1. However, it is possible to accept visa at a lower level with German information.
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University Education in Germany

Fachhochschule FH What is the difference between University of Applied Sciences and (Theoretical) University?
In Germany there are regular universities and Universities of Applied Sciences. Applied Science Universities are more prestigious and applied education oriented. Internship is done before or during the training. Professors worked in the industry on time. It is much easier for students to connect with companies. There is also the possibility to master at universities of applied sciences. The doctor is also possible but it is more difficult. If the name of the university is "FH" or "HS", then the university of applied sciences. In the university, theoretical knowledge is more important. Lessons are handled in much more detail, but practical applications are not as much as in FH. For those who are considering an academic career, these universities are the best place. At the same time, fields such as history, art, or language are taught only at theoretical-weighted universities.
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